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Release Date: 2003
Director: Kang Woo Suk
Writer: Kim Hie Jae

Ahn Sung Kee
Heo Jun Ho
Sol Kyong Gu

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January 1968, 31 members of North Korean Special Unit 124 infiltrated South Korea with the ultimate mission of assassinating President Park Chung-hee. In a retaliatory move, the South composed the Silmido Special Unit of dysfunctional social outcasts and criminals under death or life sentences. Their classified mission: explode the North Korean presidential palace and behead Kim Il-sung. They survive the most hellish inhumane ‘killing’ training and are reborn as human armories. However, the project is suddenly revoked and while the hellish training continues there is no more mission. The psychological frustration and physical tolerance start to reach their limits and soon the members start to lose their focus and unity. Then in 1970, with a growing peacemaking movement between the North and the South, the government decides to demolish the Unit and executes all its members ...


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