Sunday, September 03, 2006

Family Matters

Family Matters (Moduduel Gwenchanayo?)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Nam Seong Ho
Writer: Nam Seong Ho

Ki Ho Jeong ... Min Kyung
Kim Yu Seok ... Sang Hoon

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Written and directed by Nam Seon Ho, the hilarious domestic comedy Family Matters revolves around the problematic life of a married woman who finds herself thrust into the midst of a personal crisis. Nam Seon Ho's directorial debut features actress Kim Ho Jeong (Springtime, The Peter Pan Formula) in a starring role as Min Kyung, a dutiful woman who once led a life as a gifted dancer full of promise. Thanks to her marriage, however, she finds herself now operating a tiny little dance studio in her sleepy hometown.

Her somewhat unfulfilling life is made even tougher thanks to the undeniable fact that her whole family gives her problems on a seeming daily basis. Her elderly father Won Jo (Lee Soon Jae, from Forbidden Quest and My Girl and I) is coping with a serious bout of senility, while her husband Sang Hoon (Kim Yu Seok, from Love is a Crazy Thing and Possible Changes) is an unemployed, aspiring film director, who just can't seem to finish off the final draft of his screenplay. Add a rebellious young son (Kang San, from Ghost House) to the mix, and clearly, Min Kyung has her hands full coping with the men in her life! But despite the seemingly never-ending problems, she manages the household rather well in her roles of wife, mother, and daughter. That is, until one fateful day when she discovers that her ne'er do well husband has been cheating on her! What will Min Kyung do now?


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