Saturday, September 02, 2006

When Romance Meets Destiny

When Romance Meets Destiny (Kwang sik i Dong Saeng Kwang Tae)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Kim Hyeon Seok
Writer: Kim Hyeon Seok

Kim Joo Hyeok ... Gwang Sik
Lee Yo Won ... Yoon Kyung

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Will you be ready When Romance Meets Destiny? That's one question worth considering in writer/director Kim Hyun-Seok's directorial debut, a romantic comedy about two brothers with decidedly different approaches to love and life. But while the two men have wildly divergent personalities, there's at least one trait they have in common - they've never told a woman "I love you." However, it's for very different reasons.

The innocent Gwang-Sik (Kim Joo-Hyeok, from Singles and Blue Swallow) is a nice enough guy, but he has a tough time interacting with the opposite sex. He may have numerous friends who happen to be girls, but he has no girlfriend to call his own - for some reason, he's just not considered "boyfriend material." At thirty-four years old, he runs a photo studio and has a crush on Yoon Kyung (Lee Yo-Won, from Take Care of My Cat). Unfortunately, he's too shy to reveal his feelings for her. Later, he begins to feel that Yoon-Kyung is starting to develop feelings for him, but is confused when she gives chocolates to another man on Valentine's Day. Will his love remain unrequited? Or will he finally find the courage to reveal his feelings?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm great stuff here but can someone help me please. i want to know the title of the song that jung kyung ho sang at the karaoke club early in the movie. i want to know the title of the second song, something stupid love?? and if anyone knows where to download it, that would be super! thanks!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 7:47:00 AM  

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