Wednesday, August 30, 2006

2009 Lost Memories

2009 Lost Memories

Release Date : 2002
Director: Lee Si Myung
Writer: Lee Si Myung

Jang Dong Gun ... Sakamoto Masayuki
Nakamura Toru ... Sojiro Saigo

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There are breakpoints in the history, the result of a single event may change the whole course... In 1909, an assassination attempt to a Japanese governor fails - the assassin was shot by a soldier. Now, in 2009, Korea is just another state of the Japan Empire and Seoul has become a major city. A Korean resistance group called Hureisenjin is formed to fight for liberty and independence. Two cops, a Japan and a Korean (who denied his heritage) are investigating the actions of this "terrorist" group. And their work lead them to an artifact of the ancient Korean religion of "Sun and Moon".


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