Friday, September 15, 2006

Your Contributions

I've started a new project and am pretty excited about it. This time around, you will have a chance to participate in my blog. I am inviting everyone to submit a Korean Movie review to my new blog at KMOVIE ADDICTS REVIEWS. I think this is a good way for you to offer your opinions and thoughts about a particular movie which you've watched and really like. Also, on the opposite, if a movie was a huge let down to you, please let us know too. I have read through some comments left by many of you and find it to be really interesting. So, why not start your own review and share it with everyone else.

I've made it really easy for you to contribute. Just go to my companion blog and use the submit form to send it in. I will personally go through each and every reviews sent it and will publish them accordingly. It is important though that the reviews be somewhat of a quality piece of writing so we can maintain a higher standard and for the review to serve its purpose.

There's another thing which I would like to hightlight. As many of you realize, blogsites and nonblogsites alike are populated with Ads. I am one of those people who find it very annoying. When I visit a blog which has numerous Ads displayed prominently throughout, I get distracted. It hinders my concentration and surfing experience. As you can see, KMOVIE ADDICTS is completely AD FREE and I would like to keep it that way! I understand that most bloggers place ads on their site to generate some income to support their site. Since I don't like Ads on my page, I wouldn't succumb my visitors to the same. Therefore, I've added a little button on this site for you to help me out. If you are feeling generous and have enjoyed this AD Free blog, kindly use the button to send in your contributions. Your contributions will help a great deal in helping me maintain my blog so I can keep on offering you all these wonderful Korean Movie collections. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

On another note. Many friends have written to me to my account in youtube (honeylovescheerios) complaining that they are unable to access the private vids. I am well aware of this problem. However, I am unable to help since the problem lies with youtube. My advise to you is to keep on trying and please do not send me duplicates friend requests. Once you are accepted, you have the access. Whether youtube actually permits you access, that is a different story.


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