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Release Date: 2003
Director: Kwon Chi In
Writer: Seong Gee Yeong

Jan Jin Yeong .. Na Nan
Uhm Jung Hwa ... Dong Mi
Lee Beom Soo ... Jeong Joon
Kim Joo Hyeok ... Su Hyeon

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Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6:FINAL


NA Nan stops by Dong-mi and JUNG Joon's place after getting dumped by her boyfriend. Dong-mi is a well-to-do working woman that believes in free-sex for all, and Joon is a salary man who has a lopsided relationship with a younger girl. Ironically, these two with opposite personalities are roommates. The three spend the night listening to NA Nan's break up story. To make things worse, NA Nan gets relocated to a restaurant division. Nonetheless, with her friends' support, she manages to adjust to her new job through trial and error. Right then, Mr. Charm goes into work on NA Nan and Dong-mi and Joon accidentally end up sleeping together...

Day in and day out, "We're going to work"

Sex, job, and friendships of four singles at work revealed!
Caution: Too much of them will turn you nuts! And without them, you're a lone ranger.


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