Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Fine Spring Day

One Fine Spring Day (Bom Mal Eun Gan Da)

Release Date: 2001
Director: Heo Jin Ho
Writer: He Jin Ho

Lee Young Ae ... Sang Woo
Yoo Ji Tae ... Eun Soo



Love hurts.

That simple statement expresses everything there is to know about Jin-ho Hur's One Fine Spring Day, a movie that is about the awkwardness of attraction and the pain of a burning passion suddenly doused. It is about love found, love enthralled, and finally love lost.

Sang-woo lives with his father, his stepmother, and grandmother in the South Korean countryside. They're out in the country, although you wouldn't know it by Sang-woo's many electronics, including a cellphone and his job as a sound engineer dubbing voices for TV shows. Sang-woo and his family is caring for his elderly grandmother, who is suffering from the loss of her husband. We learn that years ago Sang-woo's grandfather cheated on his wife, and that betrayal continues to haunt the family. Despite that, the grandmother's love for her husband has never diminished because she journeys each morning to the town bus station to wait for her husband to return home from work. The movie hints that Sang-woo's grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's, but one suspects it's actually more of a self-inflicted illness.

One day, Sang-woo is hired for a temporary project to record nature sounds with a young woman who works as a DJ at a radio station in the next town over. The woman, Eun-su, and Sang-woo immediately falls for one another, and their romance begins after a few awkward moments where both take tentative baby steps toward a relationship. Once they give in to the passion, they are inseperable, and life seems effortless and grand. That is, until the passion begins to leave Eun-su and she finds herself wishing to withdraw from Sang-woo, but unsure how to do it. Unfortunately for the fledging couple, Sang-woo's passion for Eun-su shows no signs of abating.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This movie is showing a realistic & simple point of view about love in good & bad times. It is slow but yet very touching at times. I cant say more else it wud spoil it. Lets say i wud recommend it but i wudnt rate it as a favorite of mine. Nice chemistry n actors by the way.

Friday, July 18, 2008 8:03:00 PM  

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