Monday, September 11, 2006

Romantic Warriors

Romantic Warriors (Nangman Jagaek)

Release Date: 2003
Director: Yun Jae Kyun
Writer: Yun Jae Kyun

Kim Min Jeong ... Yo Yi
Choi Seong Guk ... Ye Ryang
Jin Jae Yong ... Hang Gi
Shin Yi ... Shin Yi
Hwang Shin Jeong ... Pei Pei



Desperate for a better life with his younger sister, Yoi (Kim Min-jong) gangs up with "Romantic Warriors", an assassin squad, to make money. The squad, however, consists of dummy assassins who are ignorant of fighting nor martial arts. One day as they are on the way to their assassination big job, they got lost in a forest and stuck in a house haunting spirits of women who died with bitter grudges. Unknowing that the tripped assassins are that amateur, the female ghosts believed that they can make use of them to take revenge on those who killed them.

Developed from a Chinese ghost story, romantic comedy "Romantic Warriors" is the latest work directed by Yoon Jae-kyun, the Korean director from "My Boss, My Hero" and "Sex is Zero".


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