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Chulsoo & Younghee

Chulsoo and Younghee

Release Date: 2005
Director : Hwang Gyu Deok
Writer: Hwang Gyu Deok

Jeong Ha Eun ... Younghee
Park Tae Young ... Chulsoo

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What happens when a naughty boy meets a cute, sophisticated girl and falls in love? When it comes to mischievous behavior, Chulsoo is second to none though he has the lowest academic record at school. The only two who greet him are his mother, who is completely engrossed in investing money on the cyber stock market, and a parrot, which repeatedly mimics the phrase, "Chulsoo, you fool."

Chulsoo changes completely after Younghee transfers to his school. With both of her parents dead, Younghee, who lives with her grandmother who runs a flower shop, is grief-stricken but so excels in academics and conduct that her other male peers fall in love with her. Chulsoo gradually approaches her but she rarely opens her heart. Finally, Chulsoo prepares a gift for her, but that is just the beginning.

It may have been the intent of director Hwang Gyudeok to give the two main characters such typical names - Chulsoo and Younghee - that you can hear everywhere in Korea and which even appear regularly in Korean elementary textbooks (i.e., the equivalent of "Dick and Jane"). This movie is like a children's tale written for adults. Nevertheless, all episodes in the movie are shown through the eyes of children.


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