Thursday, September 14, 2006

Everybody Has Secrets

Everybody Has Secrets (Nuguna Bimileun Itda)

*M18 : For Mature Audiences Only
Release Date: 2004
Director: jang Hyeon Soo
Writer: Kim Hee Jae, Kim Yeong Chan


Lee Byung Hun ... Choi Su Hyeon
Sang Mi Chu ... Han Ji Yeong
Kim Hyo Jin ... Han Mi Yeong
Choi Ji Woo ... Han Seon Yeong

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Lee Byung Hun takes on a hot sister trio in E
verybody Has Secrets!

Ever wondered what it would be like to date three beauties in a row? Top heartbreaker Lee Byung Hun gets the chance to fulfill his heart's desire in this appealing new blockbuster that captures viewers with a bold mixture of comedic and erotic flair. Korea's super dandy Lee Byung Hun who has appeared in big screen hits like The Harmonium in My Memory and JSA is back this time starring next to Choi Ji Woo (Winter Song of Love, Stairway to Heaven) to bring you this charming remake of About Adam. Lee portrays Soo-hyon, a guy that attracts women like a magnet whose latest catch is Mi-young (Kim Hyo-jin).

Originally preferring short passionate affairs, Mi-young does believe that she has found Mr. Right in her new hot flame. It's a shame that Mi-young's eldest sister Jin-young (Chu Sang-mi) who suffers from constant heartbreak is also drawn to Mi-young's love interest. As if all of this didn't add up to enough misunderstandings, the confusion reaches its climax when middle sister Son-young (Choi Ji Woo) enters the scene and decides to claim Soo-hyon for herself. Who will the attractive philanderer walk off with in the end – broadminded femme fatale Mi-young, passionate but love-forsaken Jin-young or well-read love amateur Son-young?

Find out in this romantic new comedy import that offers you Korea's latest cinematic flavors. The captivating romantic tale has not only been hailed as a true winner, but also turned into a box office triumph. It really comes as no surprise that Japan's movie industry was itching to acquire the film's remake rights - which finally led to a record deal of over $5.5 million.


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