Saturday, September 16, 2006


Holiday (Hol Li Dei I)

Release Date: 2005
Director: Yang Yoon Ho
Writer: Jeong Jae Ho, Kim Hee Jae, Lee Soon Yol

Le Song Jae ... Gang Hyeok
Choi Min Soo ... An Seok

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In October 1988, Koreans were inspired by their fourth-place finish at the Olympic Games. Ji Gang-hyeok, who was sentenced to seven years in prison, and some other prisoners escape from a patrol wagon; citizens are shocked by the escape. Armed with a gun, they rob homes and take people hostages. Hostages, however, feel pity for the prisoners, who are humane and well-mannered, unlike the press accounts that portray them as brutal criminals. On the ninth day after their escape, there is a final confrontation as they are found by An Seok, the police officer who has been chasing them tenaciously. They play the Bee Gees' song "Holiday", which is Gang-hyeok's last wish, and he shouts out toward the police and the press surrounding them. "The wealthy are innocent, while the poor are guilty." His shout spreads on TV and the press, and Gang-hyeok and the others make their last choice.


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the vide has been removed,
man that sucks!!!!!!!

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