Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes (Boon Hong Sin)

Release Date: 2005
Director: Kim Yong Gyoon
Writer: Kim Yong Gyoon

Kim Hye Soo ... Sun Jae
Kim Sung Soo ... In Cheol

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The Deadly Attraction of the Red Shoes!

A high school girl is staring at red shoes around the corner of a subway station off the beaten track. As soon as she wears the red shoes, she feels different and inspired. But another high school girl comes over, takes the red shoes and disappears into the dark. Click, click and click... The girl is walking and dancing in the red shoes. Click, click and click... The sound of someone else walking is heard getting closer, but when the girl turns to look, nobody is there. The girl begins to run with fear as she realizes that both of her ankles have been painfully slashed. She dies in a pool of blood.

Seon-jae, the Woman Who Falls into Temptation of the Red Shoes

Seon-jae finds the red shoes in the subway. She is attracted by the shoes and quietly takes them. At her house, the red shoes intoxicate her. Her daughter, Tae-su, also becomes ravenous for the red shoes. Seon-jae clings to the shoes but her daughter wants to wear the shoes for herself. As they leave a restroom, a girl's image appears with the red shoes covered in blood.

The Woman Who Has the Red Shoes Is Cursed.

Seon-jae's friend visits the house where Seon-jae and Tae-su are fighting over the red shoes. She, too, becomes intoxicated by the red shoes and steals them. At first, the shoes delight her as she starts to walk. But soon, she begins to stagger under control of the girl's spirit. Soon she ends up dead, her ankles severed by a window. Seon-jae realizes that the red shoes bring death to the owner and tries to throw them away. But the shoes keep returning over and over again. Now, death is coming for her daughter. The vindictive spirits of the red shoes...what is the truth behind the red shoes?


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