Monday, September 18, 2006


Nabi aka The Butterfly

Release Date : 2001
Director: Moon Seung Wook

Kim Ho Jung ... Anna
Kang Hae Jung ...Yuki

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What if you had the option to lose all of your me
mories? Moon Seung-wook poses this question with this follow-up to his 1997 directorial debut Taekwondo. The setting is Korea in the near future, which is plagued with a series of environmental calamities including corrosive acid rain and rampant lead poisoning.

There is also a bizarre virus that causes the victim to lose all memories. A tourist industry soon develops around people who flock to Seoul hoping to purge themselves of their past. One of these tourists is Anna (Kim Ho-jung), a Korean woman living in Germany who cannot get over the stillbirth of her baby.

Buoyant young tour guide Yuki, who is desperately trying to hide her own pregnancy from her boss and from the authoritarian state, greets her at the airport. In spite of herself, Anna takes a shine to her thoroughly inept guide, making her question whether or not she wants to dump all of her memories.


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