Monday, September 18, 2006

Mr. Socrates

Mr. Socrates (Miseuteo Scorates)

Release Date: 2005
Director: Choi Jin Won
Writer: Choi Jin Won

Cast :
Kim Rae Won ... Dong Hyuk
Kang Sin Il

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From writer/director Choi Jin Won (co-director of 1999's Whispering Corridors follow-up Memento Mori) comes Mr. Socrates, an action-packed tale that's already earned comparisons with such hit movies as Infernal Affairs and Old Boy! The film centers on a lowlife thug named Ku Dong Hyuk (played by Kim Rae Won, star of romantic comedy My Little Bride), who seems to possess neither a conscience nor any shred of respect for his fellow human beings.
One fateful day, Dong Hyuk finds himself suddenly abducted by a mysterious group of gangsters. Naturally, the young hoodlum is puzzled as to why he's being held captive, and as the ordeal wears on, he begins to undergo a grueling sort of training. But why? Whatever the reason, Dong Hyuk does his best to escape from their clutches, but each time, he fails miserably. The consequences for his actions? More training - but each time, it's harder and more demanding than the last.

So what's the real reason behind his imprisonment? Would you believe that the gang is doing it so he can pass the police qualification exams? That's the premise behind this twisty crime drama in which a good-for-nothing young punk has to become a homicide detective, all thanks to a notorious crime ring's secret connections! Also featuring performances from Kang Shin Il (Public Enemy 1 and 2), Lee Jong Hyuk (Attack the Gas Station!), Yoon Tae Young (Never to Lose), Oh Kwang Rok (A Bittersweet Life), Park Cheol Min (Blood Rain), Heo Jeong Min (TV's Princess Lulu), and Park Yeong Hoon (director of Innocent Steps and Addicted), Mr. Socrates looks to be a gritty action picture about a decidedly different kind of undercover agent!


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Really solid! Thanks for putting it up.



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