Monday, August 28, 2006

You Are My Sunshine (Neo neun Nae Woon-Myeong)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Park Jin Pyo
Writer: Park Jin Pyo

Jeon Do Yeon ... Eun Ha
Hwang Jeon Min ... Seok Joong

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An unmarried farmer who's pushing forty and looking to finally settle down. Although he signs up for a deal that would have gotten him a bride from the Philippines, Seok-Joong doesn't follow through on the scheme, deciding instead to wait around for Ms. Right to show up. And sure enough, show up she does, as Seok-Joong meets her in the form of Eun-Ha (Jeon Do-Yeon), a pretty waitress at a local coffee shop. However, Eun Ha isn't just any waitress; it turns out she provides more services than just coffee to her happy customers. Will they relationship be a 'happily ever after' story or will it be others will news of Eun-Ha's past catching up with her.


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