Sunday, August 27, 2006

Welcome To Dongmakgol

Release Date: 2005
Director: Park Kwan Hyeong
Writer: Jang Jin, Park Kwan Hyeong

Jeong Jae Young ... Chief Comrade Lee Su-Hwa
Shin Ha Kyun ... 2nd Lt. Pyo Hyun-Chul
Kang Hye Jeong ... Yeo-il

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During the Korean War, an American fighter crashes near a village, DongMakGol. Yeoil witnessing the crash hurries back to inform the village. Along the way Yeoil run into Suhwa and other N.Korean soldiers. At the same time a group of S.Korean soldiers had lost their way from the troops. The 3 forces, US., N.Korean and S.Korean, came to the village. Causing confusion to the villagers with their new ideas of communism and democracy. Eventually the soldiers decided on a temporary truce and help the village rebuild food storage. However the peace doesn't last long, very soon the shadow of the war creeps its way to the vilage . The time has come when they have to do their duties...


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