Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Aggressives (Tae Pung Tae Yang)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Jeong Jae Eun
Writer: Jeong Jae Eun

Chun Jun Myung ... Soyo
Kim Kang Woo ... Moggy
Jo Yi Jin ... Hanju

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Behind The Scenes


From the director of Take Care of My Cat comes this exciting new film about South Korea's hyperkinetic urban youth! Jeon Jae Eun's The Aggressives centers on Soyo (Chun Jung Myung), a seemingly quiet, unassuming teenager whose ordinary humdrum life soon changes when he discovers the thrill of inline skating.

His love for the sport eventually causes him to meet up with a group of skater boys that include Moggy (Kim Kang Woo), a kid whose awesome board skills immediately capture Soyo's attention. Moggy's girlfriend, Hanju (Jo Yi Jin), asks Soyo to join them and with his parents out of the picture, Soyo quickly immerses himself in this new subculture, eventually bunking with the team. His friendship with Moggy and Hanju soon takes off, and his loyalty to the team's leader Gabpa (Lee Chun Hee) soon results in an exciting new development in the romance department. But when Moggy is forced to shoot a commercial to score a plane ticket to the world inline skating championships, he snaps and deliberately causes an accident.

Moggy's act puts the whole gang into debt, forcing the team to scramble for money to recoup the loss. A rift soon develops among the team members: Moggy stops skating, Hanju and Gapba want to leave as well, and even the once-eager Soyo starts to lose interest. Can the team pull it together or is their friendship doomed to failure?

As one of the first graduates of the Korean National University of Arts' School of Film & Multimedia, Jeon Jae Eun has made quite a name for herself in the intervening years. Her feature-length debut, Take Care of My Cat received invites to nearly forty international film festivals, earning various nominations and even taking home a few awards. For The Aggressives, Jeon Jae Eun taps into the raw energy of this younger generation, intertwining fantasy and reality in her tale of urban angst and infectious vitality!


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