Sunday, August 27, 2006

White Valentine (Hwaiteau Ballenta-in)

Release Date : 1999
Director: Yang Yun Ho
Writer: Lee Eun Kyeong


Park Shin Yang ... Jeong Min
Jeon Ji Hyun ... Hyeon Jun

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Structured a simple plot, Yang Yron-ho, director of "Libera Me," presents an interesting mix of letter, dove and snow scenery, describing a woman's re-encounter with her pen-pal from 20 years ago in the film "White Valentine."

A red apple is drawn on the white envelope, where a loving name of Park Hyeon-Jun is found. The naughty little girl Jeong-Min writes letters to a soldier cheating that she were a teacher. After years, this grown-up girl meets a 30-year-old youth comes to her hometown. He takes care of an injured dove, and flies the dove with letter for his dead lover every night. One day, he suddenly gets a letter from the sky. The letter sent by the dove is an excitement for Jeong-Min as those letters contain somebody's loneless, solitude and warm heart.

At last, Hyeon-Jun leaves the town flying the last dove with letter to Jeong-Min, in order to escape from the new love. Jeong-Min finlly remembers him as a special pen-pal in her young days. She flies dove with wool to confirm his identity... The male lead Park Shin-yang also performed excellently in various pieces such as "Hi Dharma!" "The Letter," and "Promise." Don't miss "White Valentine," if you are a fan of Jeon Ji-hyun and Park Shin-yang!


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