Monday, April 30, 2007

Real Fiction

Real Fiction

*M18 : For Mature Audiences Only
Release Date : 2000
Director : Kim Ki Duk
Writer : Kim Ki Duk

Joo Jin Mo
Lee Je Rak
Kim Jin Ah
Jang Hyeon Seong



In this bold and daring film experiment from Korea shot in real time, a mentally unstable street artist finally gets tired of the harassment he has been receiving from the local thugs for years. He decide to inflict ruthless revenge on the bullies while allowing a mysterious girl with a camcorder to document his acts of vengeance. Shot in just over three hours in a single day with the help of twelve directors and a staff of 120, "Real Fiction" is not only an unorthodox exercise in cinema, but also a gripping tale of one man's desire for self-respect.


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