Sunday, April 15, 2007



Release Date : 2006
Director: Lee Hyeong Seon
Writer: Choi Jong Goo

Seo Yeong Hee
Park In Hwan
Choi Joo Bong
Seo Hee Sung



Moodori, literally translated as ‘a pathless town’, is a haunted little town in Gangwondo. People rarely ever come to visit the place and it all starts when a young man, the creator of an infamous suicide-website, drowns himself in the lake near Moodori. Since then, Moodori becomes the “it” place for the suicidal as the best place to commit their last deed. Meanwhile, three of the Moodori’s old residents, Bong-Gi, Hae-Gu and Bang-Yun decide to exploits those ‘unfortunate souls’. They decide to run an accommodation for the suicidal and even take on an aggressive market campaign to attract the suicidal-in-search-of a perfect place.


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