Sunday, April 29, 2007


Some (Sseom)

Release Date : 2004
Director: Jang Yoon Hyun
Writer: Kim Eun Jeong, Kim Eun Sil

Go Su
Song Ji Hyo



In this action-fantasy thriller, drugs worth 10 billion won are stolen during a transfer by the police. The police suspect chief investigator O (played by Gang Sinil) who was in charge of the delivery. Detective Gang Seongju (played by Go Su) doubts that O is the suspect, and chases another man who later dies in a traffic accident. The only clue left is the mobile phone number of the dead suspect. Other suspects are mysteriously dying one by one, making the case shrouded into further mystery. Meanwhile, Seongju encounters with reporter Seo Yujin (played by Song Jihyo) who later feels a strong sense of déjà vu that Seongju is killed. Director Jang Yunhyeon has made a dramatic comeback five years following the success of "The Contract" (1997), dealing with new generation lovers, and thriller mystery "Tell Me Something (1999)." Although this film faithfully follows in the footsteps of Hollywood style police movies, in terms of content and action, the director adds Korean flavor. Although the word "some" does not refer to anything by itself, it nevertheless plays an important role as a major symbol of the film.



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This is also a great film, I watched last month and wow a very well put together plot.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 12:19:00 PM  

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