Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Between Love and Hate aka The Unbearable Lightness Of Dating

Between Love and Hate aka The Unbearable Lightness Of Dating
(Yeon-ae, Geu Cham-eul Soo Eobs-neun Ga-byeo-woom)

Release Date : 2006
Director: Kim Hae Gon
Writer: Kim Hae Gon

Chang Yin Young ... Young Ah
Kim Seong Woo ... Young Woon

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Love is never simple in real life, but it’s all those hours of fighting, arguing, and throwing things at each other that make the moments when things actually go right all the more precious. Kim Hae Gon’s debut film, Between Love and Hate, is exactly about that ever complicated, irritating, yet irresistible feeling. Bar girl Yeon Ah (Chang Jin Young of Blue Swallow) and Young Woon (Kim Seung Woo of Hotelier), with a failed marriage and a job at his mother’s pork rib restaurant, start their relationship almost as a joke. But then all that charm and seduction turns into slaps, curses, screams, and bottles of soju against the wall.

Why continue such a charade? For the quiet after the storm. What keeps them together are the moments between love and hate.Kim Hae Gon has had quite the interesting career. A former theater actor with an illustrious past, he got his film start right along Kim Seung Woo in Im Kwon Taek’s The General’s Son in 1990, and has mainly played minor roles since. Though his movie acting career has been unremarkable, Kim has become an acclaimed writer of films like FailanBlue. For eight years he worked on his dream project, originally titled The Face I Miss, and now he’s finally created his first film, which maintains the incredible energy and frank dialogue and situations of his previous works.


photo credit : hancinema.net

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