Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Riverbank Legends

Riverbank Legends (Ddukbbang Jeonseol)

Release Date : 2006
Director: J
o Beom Goo
Writer: Jo Beom Goo

Park Gyeon Hyeong ... Jeong Kwon
Lee Cheon Hee
... Seong Hyeon
MC Mong
... Kyeong Ro



As he did in his first feature-length movie Bad Utterances, director Jo Beom-goo continues to look at life through a trio of high school boys and their environment. However, unlike his debut film, this action-packed movie is aimed at a more mainstream audience. He has cast Park Geon-hyeong (Mr Wacky, DMZ) as Jeong Kwon, a boy of who has developed his fighting skills to the peak of perfection, Lee Cheon-hee (The Aggressives, A Good Lawyer's Wife) as Seong-hyeon whose instincts and sheer savagery carries him in a fight, and rap artist MC Mong (Non-Stop 4) as their friend Kyeong-ro who talks more than he fights and supplies some comic relief. Oh Dal-su (Crying Fist, Bittersweet Life) and Yu Ji-tae (Oldboy, Natural City) lend their support to the cast.


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