Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday, 10/15/06 - youtube is DOWN!

Oh, no need to panic. Been talking to some people and looks like youtube is down for about 20 minutes now. Word from a techie mentioned that the site still responds to ping, meaning the server did not crash. I am trying my best not to panic, but I sure hope it's nothing major.

Even my radio blog is not working correctly, only displaying 6 songs instead of 20.

Oh boy, what a day!

Update : ok, youtube is back on. Everything is intact, no data loss. Phew!
But my radio blog is still not working properly. Sorry ppl, if I can't get it fixed, we'll just have to do with 6 songs. Sorry!

Update 2 : I am a genius! LOL~ I fixed my radio blog finally. Enjoy the full version!


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