Friday, October 13, 2006

A Masterpiece In My Life

A Masterpiece In My Life (Purhu Ui Myung Jak)

*Note : M18 For Mature Audiences Only
Director: Shim Gwang Jin

Park Jung Hun ... In Gi
Song Yoon Ah ... Yoo Kyong



In-Gi (Park Jung-Hun) is an aspiring director and scenario writer, who dreams about directing a masterpiece that will impress everyone. 'I tell myself I can do what I want to do,' he muses, 'and I'll prove myself to others.'

In the meantime, he is relegated to the gutter of the film industry, making erotic films to pay off his parents' debts. Mundane reality inevitably impinges itself on the life of the artistic aspirant. The real victory is won not in artistic success, but the resolute determination to press on and the refusal to give up.

In-Gi may not have realized his dream of creating a masterpiece, but what makes him admirable is that he has made a masterpiece out of living. He knows how to savor each experience like a fine wine. He knows how to conjure love and cast a spell with its magic charms, as in the scene by the lake when he performs a ballet for Yoo-kyong (Song Yoon-ah) pirouetting and dancing like a true ham. In-Gi has an idea for a scenario, but his friend tells him it's already been done. He becomes frustrated. He can't understand why he can't think of anything original... In-Gi believes what he wants to believe. But what makes him unique is that he cannot be persuaded to adopt an alternative view. A cynical or pessimistic thought never even enters his head.

Yoo-kyung finds his optimism contagious and begins conjuring her own dreams, making them just as true for her. She's writing a scenario about a circus manager's daughter who falls in love with a clown and draws her inspiration from her romance with In-Gi. This is the masterpiece in her life because it is drawn from the artfulness of living and there is nothing more artful than love. Love is the principle that transforms the landscape and everything around into a work of art made by God because in the lover we find God's divine aspect, the principle that binds the universe together and gives us all the experience of love.


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