Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days

*Note : Anime
Release Date: 2002
Director : Kim Moon Saeng
Writing Credits : Michael Keyes, Kim Moon Saeng, Jay Lender, Park Jun Young, Park Young Jun, Micah Wright

Voice :
Joon-ho Chung
Hye-jin Yu
Ji-tae Yu

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A.D. 2142 - Overpopulation and excessive pollution have made majority of Earth uninhabitable. The only safe haven for mankind is a city called "ECOBAN," which actually uses pollution through the DELOS System as a means of energy. While searching the city for an infiltrator from the wastelands, ECOBAN officer Jay discovers that the intruder is her old friend Shua. A former ECOBAN citizen, Shua has sided with a militia from Marr to bring down ECOBAN's tyrannical reign and restore the Earth's environment.


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