Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wanee and Junah

Wanee and Junah

Release Date: 2001
Director: Kim Yong Gyun
Writer: Kim Yong Gyun

Kim Hee Sun ... Wanee
Ju Jin Mo ... Junah

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Animator Wanee and screenwriter Junah are in love and live together to give each other comfort. However, one day, the return of Wanee's stepbrother and her first love (Youngminn) recalls the fading memories of Wanee's puppy love. Under the same roof, Wanee's house is filled with memories of Junah and Youngmin. The queer coexistence of present and past love leads to an unexpected confusion in their minds...

Directed by Kim Yong-kyun, Kim Hee-sun, Joo Jin-mo and Cho Seung-woo played remarkably well in the trio love affairs, with the coexistent scenes of memories and the present.


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