Friday, September 29, 2006

Bad Guy

Bad Guy (Nabbeun Namja)

Release Date : 2002
Director : Kim Ki Duk
Writer : Kim Ki Duk

Jo Jae Hyeon ... Han Ki
Seo Won ... Sun Hwa

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Han-ki, a boss of the red district hoodlums, accidentally meets a female college student on the street. Intrigued, he stares at her, and she coldly stares back. Han-ki forces the girl to kiss him, much to her disgust. Like a character from a John Fowles novel, Han-ki catches her as if catching a butterfly, and locks her up into prostitution.

As in his prior films, Kim Ki-duk takes a controversial issue and shows his skills as a storyteller. In this film, the director again depicts the lives of the lower class and their lack of basic humanity. The main character Han-ki never manages to express his sexual desire in a normal way. Even the reasons behind his misdeeds are shrouded in mystery.


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