Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quiz King

Quiz King (Mister Jubu Quiz Wang)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Yun Seong Dong
Writer:Yun Seong Dong

Han Suk Kyu ... Jin Man
Shin Eun Kyeong ... Soo Hee

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Also known as "Mr. Housewife", 34 year old Jin-man (starring Han Seok-Gyu, better known for his macho roles in The Scarlet Letter & Tell Me Something) used to run a large labor union but now stays at home while his wife played by Shin Eun-Gyeong (My Wife's Is A Gangster & A Perfect Match) goes out to work everyday. He is a good cook and housekeeper and dedicates his life to looking after their young daughter. Jin-man enters a mutual-aid union hoping to receive more interest, but when someone runs off with the money, he is forced to raise 30 million won he had put aside for his father-in-law's operation. Jin-man takes desperate measures by slipping on a dress, he applies to take part in the TV game show for wives in hope of winning the jackpot.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i lyk this movie....but it is quite overlooked. :c

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 6:56:00 AM  

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