Monday, October 16, 2006

OT : CMovie (Dog Bite Dog)

As I am still testing the new hosting site, I've uploaded another Asian movie.
Check it out if you are interested.

Dog Bite Dog (2006)

Director: Cheang Pou Soi
Cast : Edison Chen, Sam Lee, Eddy Cheung
Languange : Cantonese Chinese with Eng. subs

Rating : CATEGORY III (Excessive Violent)

Plot :

A young killer from Cambodia, arrived in Hong Kong to assassinate the wife of a judge. But once he finished his job, he got into a misunderstanding with his agent and was left astray on the city's unfamiliar streets.
At the same time, cop Sam and his team of detectives, Lam, Keo, Cheung and Wai, got their orders and arrived the crime scene to investigate. Wai soon found Pang with his intuition and started pursuit. The two men became like two wild dogs, attacking each other, neither one wanting to stop until the other side fell!




Please report any problems you have accessing or playing the file. Thanks!
I will continue to test this site with other Asian, not neccessarily KMovie uploads.

**Update : Original link has been revised as files were removed by hosting site. Alternative site has no ENG subs. Sorry!

**Update : Found another site : WATCH IT HERE!~



Anonymous hellofriend said...

man i saw this movie, and edison acting skill looked like it improve

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:14:00 PM  

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