Sunday, August 27, 2006

Over The Rainbow (Obeo Deo Reinbou)

Release Date: 2002
Director: Ahn Jin Woo

Lee Jung Jae ... Lee Jin Su
Jang Jin Young ... Kang Yeong Hie

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Starring Lee Jung-Jae and Jang Jin-Young, Over the rainbow lingers upon two parallel stories to reflect the irony of love. Lee Jung-Jae, who once impressed the audience in Il Mare, takes on another romantic lead role in Over the rainbow as Jin-Soo.

He is a TV anchorman who is suffering from partial amnesia after a traffic accident and is now attempting to retrace memories of a lover he no longer remembers... Jin-Soo's search leads him to a high school friend Yeon-Hee (Jang Jin-Young).

Yeon-Hee, working at a "Lost & Found" center of a subway station, is trying to erase the memories of her latest ex-boyfriend. A comfortable and relax movie, Over the rainbow centers on the mysterious rediscovery of a faceless lover and the struggle to let go of the pain of love. Under the brilliant light of a rainbow, will these two souls find what is closest to their hearts?


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