Saturday, August 26, 2006

Duelist (Hyeongsa)

Release Date : 2005
Director: Lee Myung Se
Writer: Lee Hyae Jyung

Ha Ji Won ... Namsoon
Ahn Sung Kee - Detective Ahn
Kang Dong Won - Sad Eyes

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A martial arts detective story set during Korea's Choson Kingdom. A young female detective Namsoon and her trusty companion Detective Ahn are called to investigate a case involving counterfeit money. She goes undercover and disguises herself in several incarnations: as a man at a tavern, as a woman selling liquor at a colourful marketplace and as a beautiful Kisaeng, the Korean equivalent of a geisha. Namsoon repeatedly encounters a mysterious, handsome swordsman named Sad Eyes and it is sparring at first sight. Evidently and inexplicably attracted to each other, they engage in a cat-and-mouse game and engage in duels that only strengthen their mutual feelings. But their combat also results in the devastating disclosure that Sad Eyes, as a loyal acolyte of the Minister of Defence, has a role in the latter's plot to seize control of the country and is therefore Namsoon's enemy. v


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Blogger Sebastian said...

Hey there. This movie is also up on crunchyroll. I liked it, but I found it extremely difficult to follow.

Saturday, February 03, 2007 2:23:00 PM  

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