Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Way Home

The Way Home (Jibeuro)

Release Date : 2002
Director: Lee Jeong Hyeong
Writer: Lee Jeong Hyeong

Kim Eul Boon
Yu Seung Ho

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This is a touching story about a spoiled city boy, Sang Woo, whose single mom falls on hard times. The mom has no choice but to ship the boy off to the rural mountain town where his grandma lives. The grandmother is a hunchback lady with serious osteoporosis from bending over low stoves all her life. She’s also mute and illiterate.Despite the physical setbacks, she works diligently without complaining. Experience the world of humility with this emotional tear jerker which will tug at your heart strings to the very end.

Trivia :

Granmother Kim Eun Boon is a real villager with no prior experience in acting. Director Lee Jeong Hyeong scouted her among many rural villager.


photo credit : hancinema.net

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