Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Petal

A Petal (Kkoch-ip)

*Note :M18 : For Mature Audiences Only

Release Date : 1996
Director: Jang Sun Woo
Writer: Jang Sun Woo, Jang Moon Il

Lee Jung Hyun
Moon Sung Keun
Park Chol Min
Sul Kyung Gu

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The setting is May, 1980 during the Kwangju up-rising. A 15-year-old girl deserts her dying mother and runs away amid gunfire. Years late, the girl calls a construction site worker "Jang" and follows him everywhere. Jang knows that the girl has experienced something horrible. The girl never talks and always has a far-off gaze. Her mind seems to be torn into pieces which frustrates Jang. He becomes absorbed into the pain and sadness of the girl, and finds her one day in front of her mother's tomb. There, she retells her past when she had to abandon her mother to die alone. Meanwhile, friends of her older sister look for the young girl but in vain.

Trivia :
- A Petal was adapted from Choi Yun's Silently, a Petal Falls.
- The movie included documentary footage filmed during the actual Kwangju uprising.


photo credit : kmdb.or.kr

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