Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lump Sugar

Lump Sugar

Release Date: 2006
Director: Lee Hwan Geong
Writer: Kim Yeong Seok, Lee Gwi Yong, Lee Hoon Min
Lee Hwan Gyeong, Lee Jeong Hak

Im Soo Jeong
Park Eun Soo

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The daughter of a poor rancher, Si-eun’s only hope is to one day, become a jockey. With her mother passing away at her birth, her favorite horse, Chun-doong, has become not only her friend, but also a soul mate. She is devastated when Chun-doong is sold to another owner, but when they are reunited two years later they have a chance to create a miracle by teaming up in a race.


photo credit : hancinema.net

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