Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Elephant On The Bike

The Elephant On The Bike

Release Date : 2007
Director: Kwon Yong Gook
Writer: Kwon Yong Gook

Yang Jin Woo
Kim Jung Hwa

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Life has not been an easy ride for Dong Kyu (Yang Jin Woo) simply because he is missing one hand. Always the target of mockery by his schoolmates, Dong Kyu hated going to school. He couldn't even ride his favorite blue bicycle, which his father made for him. His only consolation in life was going to the zoo with his father and watching the elephants. Now a grown-up, Dong Kyu works at a small zoo as a zookeeper taking care of elephants. Everyday is a routine without major happenings until he meets his girlfriend's parents and experiences another setback. Life's cruelty not only takes his girlfriend away from him. Amidst the terrible tragedy, a new face enters his life - Ha Kyung (Kim Jung Hwa), a piano teacher whom he gradually falls in love with. But will this bring a happy ending for Dong Kyu?


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