Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello! I know it has been a year since this site has any new posts but I have been working behind the scenes to correct a lot of broken links. It is a monumental tasks and progress is at a crawling speed. However, I will try as best as I could to keep this blog updated. While I may no longer update as much as I would love to, just want to let everyone know that I have not abandon this blog.

Also, there is no place for spammers here. If you would like to promote your site, please contact me and I will add your link.

Due to improper misuse and abuse of the guestbook feature by spammers, it has now been disabled.

Thank you all for continuing to visit this blog. If you can, please help me to fix the broken links by using this link.

Update : The broken links have been fixed. 90% of the vids are now available. Yay!~


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