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Release Date: 2003
Director: Park Ki Hyeong
Writer: Park Ki Hyeong, Seong Gi Yeong

Sim Hye Jin
Kim Jin Geum I
Moon Woo Bin

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Mi-sook is married to Do-il, an obstetrician. She's living a happy life with her husband and father-in-law, but they failed to have a baby for years after they got married. Instead, they adopt Jin-sung. Mi-sook, Do-il and Jin-sung get along with each other quite well, until Mi-sook finally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy. Jin-sung begins to feel neglected by his family. He shows an unusual affection toward an acacia tree in their garden. One rainy night, Jin-sung overhears his grandmother telling Mi-sook to send him back to the orphanage. He runs out of the house and disappears. After that, the acacia tree comes into full bloom, filling the whole house with the deep scent of acacia flowers. Strange things begin to happen.


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