Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vampire Cop Ricky

Vampire Cop Ricky
(Hob Hyeol Hyeong Sa Na Do Yeol)

Release Date: 2006
Director: Lee Si Myeong

Jeon Ho Jin ... Ins. Kang
Jo Yeo Jeong ... Yeong Hee
Kim Su Ro ... Ricky

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After biting a vampire in Transylvania, a mosquito finds itself trapped on an airplane bound for Seoul. Then the Transylvanian mosquito bites NA Do- yeol, a corrupt cop in league with a criminal organization. Though NA doesn't become a vampire, he develops a desire for blood causing problems when investigating crime scenes. Additionally, when he becomes aroused by a woman, the vampire in him comes out. NA's criminal contacts threaten his partner and kidnap his girlfriend, and so he embarks on a mission to find and rescue her.


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