Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Tears (Nunmul)

*Note : M18 For Mature Audiences Only
Release Date: 2000
Director: Im Sang Soo
Writer: Im Sang Soo

Park Keun Yung ... Sari
Han Jun ... Han
Cho Eun Ji ... Ran
Bong Tae Gyu ... Chang
Song Ji Ri ... Young Ho

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"The beauty of digital cinema lies with its ability to bring out the natural acting from the actors who become less camera conscious. It's an effective way to embody realism, much more effective than analog cinema." Tears is a digital movie seeking the realism as the director have stated. The place for such realism is Garibong-dong, a hangout for runaways and/or neglected teens unable to cope with their school lives. These condemned heroes living exile are four kids, Chang, Han, Lan and Sary. Although rebellious and violent in nature, they also seek affection and dream of happiness even living within harsh reality. But can their dreams be seen really as being 'hopeful,' within such despair and void?

Their dreams of escape are shattered as they make their way back to Garibong-Dong. Im Sang-Soo sought the memories of Garibong-Dong kids he got acquainted with while preparing his debut film, writing screenplay while spending past year living among them. Even with his brutal disclosing of their images, as glue snipping foul-mouths who engage in casual sex, the director's tender notions are seen here and there. That begins with naming this feature Tears, a film about kids who refuse to cry.


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