Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Save The Green Planet

Save The Green Planet (Jigureul Jikyeora!)

Release Date: 2003
Director: Jang Joon Hwan
Writer: Jang Joon Hwan

Shin Hak Kyun ... Byeong Gu
Baek Yun Shik ... Man Shik

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Byung-Gu believes that Aliens live among human beings and that these extra-terrestrial life forms are the main reason behind society’s many problems as well as the misfortune in his personal life. Being the only one aware of the problem that humanity is facing, the situation puts the fate of all human lives in his hand. The only way to stop the aliens is to speak with the Alien Prince of Andromeda before the next lunar eclipse.

However, finding the Aliens is quite a task since they look just like human beings. The most logical suspect at the moment is Kang Man-Shik, the president and CEO of a big chemical company. With the help of his beloved girlfriend, Byung-Gu they will kidnap the business man and try to make him confess that he is, in fact, an alien and then will try to convince him to let him contact the Prince. Meanwhile, a police inspector is on the case of Mr. Kang’s kidnapping and is becoming closer and closer to finding out what really happened to Kang. Will Byung-Gu have time to save humanity before the cops get to him?


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Anonymous yourfan said...

this movie is GREAT! it really makes you think. very sad ending, almost made me wanna tear up :( thanks for uploading this.

Saturday, February 10, 2007 10:31:00 PM  
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