Saturday, August 26, 2006

Greatest Expectations (Wooi Dae Han Yoo San)

Release Date: 2003
Director: Oh Sang Hoon
Writer: Lee
Hyeon Cheol, Lee Won Hyeong, Lee Won Jae

Kim Sun Ah ... Mi Young
Im Chang Jeong ... Chang Shik

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Witnessing a traffic accident that killed a rich man, jobless lazybones Chang-shik (Yim Chang-jung) and his neighbor Mi-young (Kim Sun-a) decide to cooperate to score the cash prize the rich man's son offers! Chang-shik is a Psychology graduate who has been boarding with his married brother over 2 years. Living nextdoor, Mi-young always fancies herself as a superstar despite her failing attempts in the past. They saw an accident one day that killed the president of a well-established corporate who has a lost son. Hoping to unveil the death of his father, the son offers a big cash prize for those who help detailing the accident. Could Chang-shik and Mi-young earn the big cash prize? Find it out in "Great Expectations"!


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