Saturday, August 26, 2006

Family Ties (Gajokeui tansaeng)

Release Date : 2006
Director: Kim Tae Young
Writer: Kim Tae Young, Sung Ki Yeong

Tae Woong Eum ... Hyung Chul
Ko Du Shim ... Mu Shin
Kong Hyo Jin ... Sung Kyung
Moon So Ri ... Mira

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Kim tells his story in three parts, the first two standing alone with the third drawing them together.

In the opening act we begin with Mira, a quiet and withdrawn woman who lives alone and runs a small restaurant. Her life is bland but comfortable until one day without warning her wastrel brother Hyung-Chul arrives on her doorstep after five years of complete silence. Further complicating things Hyung-Chul has gotten married during his absence and expects to live at Mira’s house with his new wife, Mu-Shin. Complicating things further Mu-Shin is old enough to be mistaken for Hyung-Chul’s mother. And complicating things still further, just as they seem to be settling in to some sort of acceptable rhythm Chae Hyun, the young daughter of Mu-Shin’s ex-husband’s ex-wife (you follow that?) also soon arrives at the door step having traveled there by herself despite being all of six or seven years old, guided by the address Hyung-Chul left so that she could write him. Something has to give.

Act two tells the story of Sun Kyung, a young woman estranged from her mother and seemingly angry at the world, blaming her mother’s ongoing affair with a married man for driving her father away and ruining her life. Sun Kyung has spent years training in Japanese language and culture with an eye to taking a job overseas to escape the influence of her family. But life is not as simple as that and Sun Kyung’s planned escape is disrupted by news that her mother is dying of cancer and her growing feelings for her half brother Kyung Suk, an innocent in all of this soon to be left alone.

The third act leaps ahead several years and Kyung Suk and Chae Hyun, now both seemingly in their late teens or early twenties have become a couple. And this is where the meat of the film really kicks in. While both of the opening acts were beautifully observed and performed it is here that we see the lingering effects of the two children’s upbringing, Chae Hyun desperate for acceptance while Kyung Suk sees nothing but betrayal lurking around the corner, scars visited upon the two of them by their parents that they will have to overcome to find peace.


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