Wednesday, January 03, 2007

R Point

R Point

Release Date: 2004
Director: Kang Su Chang
Writer: Kang Su Chang

Gam Woo Seong ... Liutenant Choi
Son Byung Ho ... Sergeant Jin
Mun Yeong Dong ... Private Byun



During the Vietnamese war a Korean military base receives a distress transmission from one of their units stationed at a strategically important location known as R-point. The grim message relays that the unit is under attack, soldiers are dying and assistance is desperately needed, but the base members just listen in shock and horror. This is because the unit in question went missing at R-point no less than six months ago and the one person who survived the ordeal was left horribly burned and screaming deliriously that his squadron was slaughtered by an unknown enemy, not the Viet Cong. If the soldier is telling the truth, then who is sending these distress signals?

To answer this question the military call in First Lieutenant Choi (Gam Wu-seong), a decorated soldier who has garnered a reputation that trouble follows him on whatever mission he takes. He is assigned a platoon of rag-tag soldiers, seemingly plucked from the local whorehouses and loaded with syphilis. Not exactly the kind of bunch you want to take into such a mysterious mission, but seeing as the official line is that they’re going to R-point merely to investigate the whereabouts of a missing unit, no-one suspects that the crew are deeply under prepared for what is about to face them. However, when they arrive at their destination, they uncover an old stone tablet with an inscription stating that many years ago, Chinese soldiers slaughtered innocent Vietnamese and built a temple above their graves. The tablet then reveals a harsh warning: If you enter this consecrated ground with blood on your hands then you will never be able to leave. Choi’s squad is about to discover that this is no idle threat….


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