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Release Date : 2002
Director: Yeon Yun Su

Kim Sun Ah ... May
Kim Seung Woo ... Seok
Kim Yu Jin ... Hui Su
Choi Min Su ... Goliath

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By the year 2020, the unification of the Korean peninsula has finally occurred. Detectives from the South, and "Rangers" from the North have merged to form the Special Investigations unit. Equipped with the latest technology, their missions range from quelling terrorist cells to solving high profile murders.

Detective Suk has been assigned to solve the multiple homicides of several prominent members of the scientific community. The only common link is that all of them were found with a mysterious pendant, the same one found on his son whom Suk accidentally shot while trying to rescue him from a terrorist group.

When the police commissioner is kidnapped, and the same pendant is found at the crime scene, Seok is pulled back to Inner City to figure out what the connection is. He is also saddled with Hisu, a forensic profiler and daughter of the commissioner, who has a habit of not following orders.

At first it appears that it's just another case of domestic terrorism. The further Suk and Hisu investigates, the closer they come to a 30 year old conspiracy that could destroy their very lives!


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