Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't be a slave!

I just want to address a very annoying trend I see in youtube among the uploaders. Please note that this is my personal opinion and I am not here to leash an attack on anyone. The issue here is when uploaders unknowingly become a slave to their viewers. This is a very disturbing situation, and especially prominent amongst the newer Kdrama/Variety Show uploaders. I really feel annoyed when all they do is apologize profusely to everyone that they're taking a longer time to upload. This mentality sets the tone to demanding viewers which in turn created the situation where the viewers expects an uploader to slave his/her time away to satisfy their thrist for a new episode/part. Viewers fail to realize that the the uploaders are not obligated to them. Being an uploader, esp. in the Kdrama/Variety category is not an easy task. I've already spoken about this many times and I really feel the burden of every uploaders out there.

More seasoned uploaders have better control when it comes to when and how much to upload. This is where most newer uploaders fail to realize. The noobs feel that they have to cave in to every request and feel a sense of failure when they did not manage to fulfill the demands. Please understand that by doing so, you are creating a very unhealthy environment for us all. You shifted the balance and makes many older uploaders felt pressurize to choked up as many eps/parts as possible to keep up with you. Please also note that we are not competing with each other as to who uploads the most. We are all here to share. There is no reason why we can't do it at our own pace.

You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. You should be able to regain control over your viewers, and by saying this, I am not telling you to diss them. We just want them to know that what we are doing is for their benefit and as for us, we should be able to set our own time and pace. Just remember that you are doing this voluntarily. Don't be a slave and stand up for yourself!

I hope that in time, when their mailboxes are bombarded with tonnes of rude and demanding messages, they will finally come to realize what they have done. (which normally happens when you see them screaming and yelling at the viewers not to hurry them to upload.)

I am not really speaking for myself though as I am mostly spared from all the ridiculous demands. It's a good thing that I steered away from the more popular uploads. Just that I really pity those who are constantly being bogged down by their demanding viewers.


Anonymous estlxlan said...

hi hi,

i agree with you. why should the uploader be saying sorry all the time? after uploading a few videos myself, i realised that its not very easy and very time consuming to upload videos. thus i really admire people who had been doing so for the longest time.

uploaders have the choice to simply just watch the show then leave it as it is but no...they chose to edit those shows into slots of 10mins and share it with us viewers. so i think we really ought to say thank you more more more often!

Saturday, September 23, 2006 10:54:00 AM  

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