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Release Date : 2007
Director: Jeong Beom Sik, Jeong Sik
Writer: Jee Yoon Sin, Jeong Beom Sik. Jeong Sik

Jin Goo
Kim Tae Woo
Lee Dong Gyo
Kim Bo Kyeong

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“In a modern hospital in 1941, doctors witness weird events and learn DEATH is the sole healer.” In 1979, Dr. PARK receives an old photo album from his twenties in 1941 when mysterious things befell him and his colleagues. PARK was bound by his parents to marry a girl whom he never met, but fell in love with a dead woman who happened to be his arranged marriage. Meanwhile, a little girl who was apparently the only survivor a car accident was haunted by ghosts every night. After two doctors (a married couple) involved in these two stories return to their hospital from Tokyo, a series of serial murders occurs around them.


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Anonymous download movies said...

I am a great admirer and follower of Korean movies. They are basically good in case of story, performances, and cinematography with amazing locations.

Sunday, January 02, 2011 6:20:00 AM  

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