Sunday, May 25, 2008

Little Prince

Little Prince (Eo Lin Wang Ja)

Release Date: 2007
Director: Choi Jong Hyeon
Writer: Lim Jin Pyeong

Tak Jae Hoon
Kang Soo Han

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Family matters. And yet in this day and age, family is seldom placed foremost on our daily list of priorities. Director Choi Jong Hyun presents his first feature film, a sentimental tearjerker about a typical workaholic man who rediscovers the true meaning of family through an unlikely source - a seven-year-old orphan. Tak Jae Hoon departs from the slapstick roles of Marrying the Mafia 2 and The Worst Guy Ever to reveal a more tender and serious side, thanks to director Choi who saw past Tak's nonchalant comical fascade. Sharing remarkable onscreen chemistry with his young co-star Kang Soo Han (Golden Bride) who was chosen after a competitive audition process, Tak weaves his own magical spell into a story of deft emotional twists and turns. A painful reminder of the finer things in life, Little Prince caters to the weary hearts of adults and children alike.

A workaholic sound-engineer who barely gave time to his own family, Jong Cheol (Tak Jae Hoon) loses both his wife and his son in one flash. Calling it quits, his wife walks out of the marriage, taking with her their only son with whom Jong Cheol never quite established a good paternal bond. Jong Cheol's life takes a dramatic spin with when a minor car accident brings him to a little boy named Young Woong (Kang Soo Han). Having never cared for anyone else but himself, Jong Cheol is in for a major surprise when he visits the boy in the hospital. When he sees the terminally ill Young Woong gleefully entertaining other sick children, something awakens in Jong Cheol's own heart.


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